Thursday, July 4, 2013

We went to Flyball practice!

Practiced all of the foundation skills we've been working on, plus got to try recalls over the real flyball jumps!  It's great to do this stuff in a new location (although, My Dogs Gym is hardly a new location for this girl--she's probably spent more hours in the place than I have, since she pretty much grew up there.)

She rocked it all, and we had a great time.  Again, I can't wait til she's a year old so that we can do more rep's!
Deadball retrieves.

Over and Backs  
 Recalls over 4 jumps!
This isn't one we can easily practice at home, so I was really pleased with how well she did.  We started at the last jump and back-chained it to all 4.  She didn't miss a beat--and look at this girl, coming close to single-striding!  Keep in mind, she's probably less than 16" at the shoulder.  :)

Yeah, I got this!

And this!

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