Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NOW can we learn deadball retrieves?!

Happy to be a 2 Kees household again...easy to tell them apart when they're side by side!
My goodness, what an exciting couple of weeks have passed since I last posted!  First, I must confess that I fell into my favorite pass-time:  procrastination.  Since Dancer was now our dog, why rush the training?  We've got forever, right?  Plus, she was going to be spayed on Friday the 14th, which would put her on limited activity and curtail our Flyball training, so why start when we'd only have to stop?

So a week blew past, and I'd done nothing (I also told myself I was letting her "settle in"...that's important when you adopt a new dog, right?)  We still played fetch everyday, and she was still rocking that, so it's not like I was ignoring her.  But her Flyball career was stalled.

Then last week, Neena got sick:  Monday morning greeted us with a 106.1 degree fever.  She's fine now--turns out it was an abscess, but it took us until Friday and many vet visits to get that figured out.  And since Terry and I have been through hell and back with our dogs in the last 16 years (2 epileptic dogs; 1 who also had Cushing's, hypo-thyroid, arthritis, and myasthenia gravis; 1 with lymphoma; 1 dementia; 1 kidney failure; 1 jammed a 1" x 1/4" stick through the roof of his mouth into his head; and 1 who ran into a tree and blew up a disc), we tend to get a bit twitchy when mystery illnesses linger.

Also on Monday of last week, Dancer went into heat!  Cancel the spay on Friday!  So Monday night saw Terry running out to PetSmart for some bitch pants and liners...he's such a good doggy-dad.  He's also gotten very good at changing her.  Bet he never thought he'd be changing anybody's panty-liners at his age!  (Consider this a warning to any 50 + year old men out there who might be reading this:  never say never.)

So with Neena back to her usual psycho self, and Terry and I literally screaming with relief about that, and with Dancer's spay postponed til September, we're back on track!

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